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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A "Torture"ous Review

“If vomit were a movie, this would be the soundtrack” is apparently what a reviewer said of one Cannibal Corpse’s early efforts. Clearly that person had no appreciation for Death Metal, but back in those days few did. Early reviews like that have never deterred the Corpse from unabashedly playing their music, their way. Which is a good thing because they are fucking great at it. You either love Cannibal Corpse or you hate them and I fucking love ‘em. Their new album Torture has been on constant rotation in my truck and at home.
Go get this album right fucking now!!
   The album is a fantastic blast beat driven ride through a horrific, gore soaked landscape of carnage and death. The first track Demented Aggression sets the tone for the album with its unrelenting drum and vocal attack. Through out the entire album Paul Mazurkiewicz’s drumming stands out and gives a solid base for Patrick O’Brein’s guitar work to charge along at break-neck speed and occasionally take flight into wicked solos. Rob Barrett’s rhythm guitar adds substance to the songs, filing them out and adding strength to the flow of the entire album. I was particularly impressed with Alex Webster’s bass playing on this album and found some of the baselines utterly fantastic (specifically in the middle of Strangulation Chair). Then there’s George “CorpeGrinder” Fisher who wraps up the entire gruesome package with raw throated growl that is no nonsense and no bullshit in its delivery; guttural, powerful, and utterly brutal.
            In fact that is how I would describe the entire album. Cannibal Corpse has never be overly technical in their approach to Death Metal and as such they have a perfect balance of technical prowess and unrestrained power. Also, the hooks in this album are they type that make you want to head bang until you have an aneurysm. A perfect example of this is my favorite track from Torture; As Deep As The Knife Will Go. Other tracks that I’m sure will become classics are Encased in Concrete, Followed Home Then Killed, and Rabid. I say this because these songs are constantly stuck in my head and are quintessential Corpse songs.
The guys knocked it out of the park with Torture and I think that anybody that has a true appreciation for Death Metal in its purest forms would agree.

The Tower 

Here's the first Official Video from Torture : Encased in Concrete

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