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Friday, April 27, 2012

Color Me Zed

      Hey there ladies, gents, and horrorhounds of all ages I'm got a pretty to show you! World renown artist extrodinare Tommy Castillo (@castillo_tommy ) has a fun filled, gore soaked, activity laden coloring adventure for all of you! I already have my copy of The Coloring Book of the Dead so you should get one too, either at a convention, from or here. While your at it why not take a look at Tommy's Gallery and pick up a print or two.
Zombie Coloring Fun for the whole Family!
      Zombies are the "it" monster/creature right now, and everybody thinks they can do zombies. I'm here to tell you that nobody does zombies like Tommy does zombies. Tommy's zombies are some of the most gore caked, oozing, shuffling stiffs you'll find this side of an old George Romero Movie. But it's not just the torn-off cheeks, missing appendages, and copious consumption of brains that make Tommy's zombies better than all the rest. No, it's the former humanity that is clearly visible in every zombie that he draws. It's the sheer terror you feel for some poor sap foolish enough to have been caught by a group of these marching maggot piles. It's the texture lovingly (menacingly?) rendered in each image that sets Tommy's work apart from the rest of the mindless z-heard.
      If you have any love for zombies, the macabre, or horror movies in general then this book is for you. This book is for the twisted little kid inside us all that used to stay up late to sneak and watch those bloody gory movies that your parents said said would scar you for life. It's full of dark humor, pretty (gross) images and activities! what more could you want?

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